Mini-Max is a standalone laboratory unit that is designed for sample dyeing and finishing. The main purpose of the Mini-Max is to be able to do test before dyeing or finishing fabric in the Dye-Max or F-Max. After testing and determining the correct  recipe the settings from Mini-Max can be directly transferred into the imogo control system and the pre-tested result replicated in full production. This will eliminate the need for color adjustments and re-runs freeing up valuable production time.

Mini-Max is also perfectly suitable for laboratory work. As a test system it can be used for R&D work at both companies that want to explore possibilities to spray liquids or institutions that can use the system for educational purposes or research.

The system is delivered with a 5 liter pressure vessel for liquid supply at the correct pressure and a full control system for automatic volume settings.


  • Max sample size:                         A3
  • Liquid volume:                            10 – 250 g/m2
  • Dye supply:                                  5 litre pressure vessle               
  • Power supply:                              230 V
  • Compressed air:                          6 bar