The patented (pending) FlexDyer® process is imogo’s most flexible solution. FlexDyer also provide opportunities for the largest savings. The combination of high-speed spray application with the special imogo autoclave fixation step enables high output at considerably reduced costs. Savings are achieved in multiple fields such as:

  • Water
  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Chemistry
  • Dye

In addition to the above, there are savings in reduced maintenance, reduced labour and reduced quality cost and increased productivity.

The FlexDyer® process is truly flexible not least because of the range of fibre types and mixes that can be treated. Most types of traditional dye classes can be used. FlexDyer® is the perfect solution if you want to reduce the number of dyeing processes used today.

In combination with the Mini-Max spray test unit. Right First Time dyeing has never been easier. Dye tests are done off-line. After being tested and verified without interrupting the production equipment recipes are defined and can be loaded into the Dye-Max HMI. The Dye-Max will reproduce the Mini-Max results.

FlexDyer® is equally suited for short sample runs with multiple changeovers as for long volume runs. The autoclave can be configured for either requirement. Change from one to the other is a simple manoeuvre.

A FlexDyer® user will not only benefit from all the savings and benefits listed above. A great benefit is also the fantastic contribution to the environment that the drastically reduced water and energy use generate.

imogo Dye-Max spray application unit

Dye-Max application unit

The Dye-Max application unit is a closed chamber where the dye dispersion is applied by high preformance spray valves.

The spray casettes consists of precision nozzles for accuracte and consistent coverage in combination with the patented imogo pro speed valve that controls the volume applied. The chamber is equipped with an exhaust system and droplet separator to ensure that the environment around the unit is free from sprayed particles.

Spray casettes

The spray casettes are a key part in the FlexDyer® line. The casettes are easily exchanged without the need for tools. The exchange is done in less than a minute. The efficient dye feed line and nozzle cleaning function enables quick change overs also between different colours. 

imogo Dye-Max fixation autoclave

Fixation autoclave

After applying the dye dispersion the fabric is rolled onto a shaft. The roll is moved to the fixation autoclave. 

Specifications FlexDyer® 

  • Designs available, max fabric width:     1000, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2200, 2600 mm
  • Speed range:                                          10 – 50 m/min
  • Process liquid volume:                            Depending on process speed. Contact imogo for details                
  • Pre-moistening station:                          Yes
  • Application:                                            One or two sided 
  • Volume adjustment:                               Automatic based on machine speed
  • Power:                                                     6,5 kW (excluding autoclave)
  • Compressed air:                                      100 liter/min @ 6 bar
  • Max roll diameter:                                  1000 mm 
  • Max roll weight:                                     500 kg